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How to Handle Being in Charge Like a Boss

Getting that long-sought job promotion may seem like a dream come true. But, then comes the reality of filling the role to fulfill not only your career goals but also the expectations of those in your ... READ the POST

4 Unexpected Industries Where Women-Owned Businesses are Flourishing

Women can do anything. Gone are the days when women were expected to stay home, work for men or even own "female-oriented” businesses. Today more than ever, women are emerging as entrepreneurs in a ... READ the POST

How Businesses Can Come Back from Failure

You are not a failed entrepreneur if you start a business and it fails. It was just the business idea that failed, not you. It’s what you do after such failures that will ultimately define you The ... READ the POST

How to Market Yourself for Success as a Home-Based Business

As a mother, it's easy for your life to revolve around your kids. While this isn't a bad thing, it's important to make sure that you still have a sense of who you are as a person. A great way to ... READ the POST

6 Ways You Can Prevent Workplace Productivity Issues

Workplace productivity is a challenge in many organizations, with most workers being unproductive for at least an hour every day according to a study by Gallup. Workplace productivity is a necessity ... READ the POST

How To Not Let Negativity Get You Down As An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship can be quite a challenging field, especially when the working conditions under which the entrepreneur is operating in is not as conducive as it ought to be. Entrepreneurs need to have ... READ the POST