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Making Work At Home Work For You

  So, you work at home. Is it what you imagined that it would be? Do you find that you now spend more hours at "work" than you did when you worked outside of the home? Don't feel bad as it ... READ the POST

A Beautifully Branded YOU, Part1

I am sure that you have noticed what "branding" is or looks like. Maybe, you are wondering how these are decided upon. Well, here is a little about personal branding, how it works and how it's ... READ the POST

Social Media Baby Steppin’

Realizing that the business world is not the same as it once was, I have gotten very interested and quite involved in social media. I have only lightly touched on the subject. There is so much to ... READ the POST


I kept trying to come up with ideas after I learned about self branding. Finally, I got it! Since I am living a dream, love Walt Disney and his accomplishments. I also am able to have customers all ... READ the POST

Work That Plan, Woman!!

Guilty!! I see a problem and it is time to FIX IT!  I was feeling quite scatterbrained and as if I was getting nothing much accomplished. There have been days that I could not remember that very ... READ the POST