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Hi there. This will give you a clear idea on what it is like to work with me. I take on a limited number of projects per month, in order to ensure that each client receives the attention to detail that they and their business deserves.  Step-by-step each phase of the project is laid out very clearly with a timeline to follow. This allows me to complete each design in a timely fashion. (6-8weeks)  Please, review the steps below.


  • Choose a package that best suits your business needs
  • Pick a start-date.
  • Sign a contract
  • Pay your 50% deposit.


  • Receive and review your client welcome packet.
  • Complete the series of informative questionnaires.
  • Prepare your content (ie:copy, images etc.)


  • Pinterest – we will begin to define your visual voice using a secret Pinterest board. this is so much fun!
  • You & I will hop on a Skype call to review together
  • After review, you will receive a mood or inspiration board which will give both you and I a clear direction on your branding.


  • I will get begin designing your main logo and will submit up to 4 concepts for you to chose from.
  • Your final choice will be perfected and packaged up in all necessary formats to be ready for delivery on launch day.
  • Your sub-logo (the smaller one) will be created too.
  • Your logos, fonts, and color scheme will be delivered on a brand style guide for you to reference to in order to keep your branding consistent from now on.


From your client pre-work and our Skype discussion, I’ll know exactly what to create as far as print items go. Over these 2 days, I’ll be creating designs for you to be able to send to print.


  • Now that all of the visual amazingness is complete, I will get to work on designing and developing your website. Each website is customized and tailored to the individual client and requires a bit of coding magic and creativity.
  •  I will work on the general layout that we have chosen and implementing your specific needs to the main frame of the site.
  •  I’ll be adding the customizations, graphic elements, and decor so to say.  Then, on to the step of fine-tuning and making sure that everything works properly and is ready to show you.
  • Final Payment will be due on this day in order for your new website to go LIVE.  Just so ya know, I design and develop all of my client sites on a test server so that you can fully review and approve of your new site before your live site is ever touched. (who likes downtime?)


  • It’s time to pop the bubbly and get your new site and branding out into the world.
  • I block off each launch day for every client to ensure that it is fun, painless, and that everything runs smoothly.
  • This is also the day that you will receive your final copies of all logo and other designs from the project.