Episode #2 – What Is A Brand?

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Hello. And welcome back to the vault. I’m Christine Capone. I’ve been a brand strategist and designer since 2010. And we’re about to break it all down today. We’re gonna start talking about branding because that just happens to be what I know best other than mothering and stuff. So , um, we’re gonna start at the beginning. You may have a business that you’re thinking of rebranding. You may have a new idea that you want to brand, and we’re going to discuss the basics today. Today. We’re gonna talk about what a brand even is. There are thousands and thousands of ways that you can quote unquote, brand yourself, such as hopping into say, oh, Campa and using one of their logo templates. And it’s cute. It’s a cool little logo template that you can put your own name on and everything. And I’m not knocking Canva, but I’m just saying that there’s a lot more to a brand than cute logo and some flashy colors. So today we’re gonna talk about what aspects make up a brand. So you’ve come to the conclusion that you need a brand brands are definitely good things. So my next question is what exactly is a brand? So on the face of it, according to Wikipedia, a brand is a name term design, or other feature that distinguishes one seller’s product from another. 

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So of course it’s actually much more than that. A brand can also be what distinguishes products from one another. It’s also certainly more than just a logo and a name. Your brand is also encompassed by your mission statement by your general quality and by the similarities similarities between your products or services. So they all encompass around you. The idea of a brand is to represent yourself with a name, a logo, and a set of design sensibilities that your customers know just by looking at them. So the word brand itself comes from way back in farmer days, where they would brand the cow or whatever. So each farmer in that area, knew which cows belong to which farm, well, it goes into modern day. If you see one of your, say, you pick one of your favorite online coaches and you see something from their brand. 

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You probably, if they’ve been around for a while and have it being done right, when you see something from them, you automatically recognize, Hey, that’s so, and so’s. So we’re gonna try to do that with you. So the aspects of a brand since it’s misconceived, and so many people think that a brand is a cute logo and some pretty colors with maybe some font, right? No, it’s so much more, the aspects of your brand will include, okay, your logo, your color scheme, your website, and web design, your advertising, a jingle. Maybe if you have a jingle, a tagline, maybe even a mascot, your products, your services, your content, your social media, your mission statement, your values, your persuasive style and your attitude. Everybody knows mine. I think so. So as you can see, a brand is so much more than going on to some service and making up your own logo. 

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And it is, kind of the reason why hiring a professional, that’s actually a professional and has studied and knows exactly what they’re doing. That’s where you get the difference between spending a hundred dollars on a logo versus in the thousands. , because it’s so much more than making something pretty, and you might be frustrated with your designer right now, because it’s taking a long time, but in the back end, they’re not just, uh, flopping on Adobe or whatever they use. Hopefully they use Adobe , um, they’re not just going on there and making you something cool. They are doing marketing research. They’re doing research on your brand’s voice and so much more goes into it than you think. So, chat with your designer, give them a little leeway. As far as timing goes, um, be very communicative, but that’s a, that’s a whole other episode. 

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We we’re gonna go back to what we were talking about. um, so we’ve touched briefly on what is a brand and it’s your value, your, if your values and goals truly unify, it makes the rest of everything so much easier because in, in the research that we’re gonna do together, which there’s gonna be more than one episode today, we wanna just cover the basics and we’re gonna get more in depth each week with, um, the different aspects of your brand. Once you get all of these, these backend aspects put together, like, who are you talking to? Um, what’s your personality? How are you? Do you wanna be perceived? Um, it’s gonna make things a lot easier for you E even if you think about it, like getting, if you went tomorrow to get a, say, you were gonna do a personal brand and we’re going to decide which one is 

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Best for you too. Um, as we go along, I think we’ll do that next week. But if, if you’re gonna do a personal brand and you’re gonna head off tomorrow to do a brand photo, shoot, something as simple as what are you going to wear can really make a big difference in how you are in what your impression is gonna be of your brand or what their impression is gonna be of your brand. Like, for me, in, for instance, if I wore a dress or something fluffy and girl, super girly people, wouldn’t recognize it as me. And then I would have to pretend that I’m that person when that’s not who I am. Like my, if you look at my website, I have ripped jeans and sometimes a t-shirt sometimes a top, but that’s, that’s my personality. And I think that that shows, so I hope that makes sense. 

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And I hope it wasn’t like totally up the wall. But, um, so the, I think the first thing that you need to decide is how do you want your brand to be perceived? And I think that that will really help get you started. And next week, we’re gonna talk about mission statements. So get ready for that, cuz that’s, that’s really fun. Um, but just go, go back over this and make notes, um, of what you think a brand is. Hopefully we kind of like gave you a better definition than Wikipedia or other people on the internet are saying that it is because it’s very misconceived. People think that brand equals color palette logo, and some cute fonts. And it’s so much more than that. And I just want you to realize that, um, if that’s what you’re getting from someone that that’s not what you, you really need, if you’re thinking of, of doing this long term, okay, so next week we’re gonna get more in depth on this. And I’m planning on doing these every Thursday. So I shall see you then good luck with finding out what a brand is. If you have any questions you can always reach out and you’re more than happy. I’m more than happy to help. Sorry. um, so I will see you well, not see you. I’ll talk to you next week. Have a great week. Thanks, bye.

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