So honored to be able to add this beautiful site to the portfolio.
Ashley over at approached me to work with her on her new branding and website for a local business that is her dream.
She trusted me with that dream which is always an honor.
It took us a while to connect our ideas and to really nail the look and feel of the brand and then it hit me.. She is local! Being that I had just settled into the new office space, I invited her to come in and sit with me one-on-one. Neither of us knew what to really expect. We spent time together, laughed, strategized, and got to know each other on a personal level and that is when the magic began.
In just a few in-person sessions, we were able to collaborate and create what truly represents all that she and her family are and all that makes up her dream business.
We both n ow have not only a strong client/designer relationship, but now also can call each other friends.
Yes, this is the same ME who used to shake with fear when it came to even talking on the phone with a client, now, that personal connection is a total MUST in any project, whether it be local or across the globe.

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