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Why it is OK to schedule posts

Should You Use an Automated Facebook Poster? Yes. It is fine and quite practical to schedule posts on social media, in my honest and entrepreneurial opinion. Facebook marketing is all about ... [Read More]

13 Facebook Terms That Every Marketer Should Know

Facebook has its own language and learning the lingo can help you navigate more easily around the whole site and determine the best calls to action when engaging fans and promoting your Facebook ... [Read More]

What Motivates People to Share Your Content?

Sharing is Caring, right? Well, it goes both ways. Here is why: If you understand the inherent factors that motivate people to share your content, you will have a much better chance of getting them ... [Read More]

Are You a Likes Hoarder?

  Some Facebook marketing tips for you: Ok, they hit that "like" button. Now what? Is that person just added to your egotistical collection of fans? What does a like mean and what's it ... [Read More]

Dealing With Social Media Burn-Out

  Every once in a while, I begin to feel my inner fire dim. My social media posts become slightly robotic and there is simply a lack of oomph. Does this happen to you as well? It is normal ... [Read More]

Social Media Snowball

  Social media is a huge world. It is very easy to get lost. Sure, you start with one platform like Facebook and add another, then another, and one more and suddenly you are completely ... [Read More]