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Website Design & Development


Your shiny new rebrand is ripe and ready to go. Next, it’s time to make your website work just as hard. 

But right now, all your website is doing is making you wrinkle your nose do that thing where you tap your foot neurotically on the ground. It’s not up to par, for ALL the reasons: 

  • It’s clunky to navigate — for both you AND your visitors
  • Each page is a mumble jumble of design trends — your actual brand identity feels totally lost
  • Strategy? What strategy? You put up your website just to have one, and despite doing your best, the initial effort has run its course
  • It looks like every other website in your industry — and that’s not cool. How are you supposed to stand out if your website doesn’t reflect the total strange-and-endearing uniqueness that is YOU?

The thing is

  • You’ve looked at the DIY options — and know that they’re not gonna cut it (your business requires a *bit* more advanced attention than that)
  • You’re not about to do this whole website thing yourself — you’ve moved on from those early DIY baby-business days and are ready to hire the right person for the job


It’s time to invest in a real expert — someone who can create the custom-coded boss-status website of your business’s dreams.

christine capone at main street web studio, Pittsburgh

 Hey! It’s me again, Christine Capone, the founder of Main Street Web Studio. With over ten years under my belt coding custom-made WordPress websites for brands and businesses just like yours, I know that we’ll be able to make an online home you are PROUD to show off.  And we’ll do it in just 2 weeks.





Your completely custom-coded WordPress website includes:

  • Full Branding Suite ( see brand design page )
  • 5 conversion-optimized pages designed to align perfectly with your business needs and goals: Home, About, Services, Contact and Blog
  • Seamless integration with your new Brand Identity Design
  • Comprehensive backend setup with all the widgets and plugins you need to make your website secure and smooth-sailing
  • Complete transfer of your previous website’s copy to your new website
  • Transfer and optimization of your  lead magnet, freebie or subscription sign-up sequence

BONUS #1: DIY Web Copy Guide you can use to work on the copy for your new website (I have a list of bulldog-approved copywriters if you’d like to outsource to a dependable referral) 

BONUS #2: Custom Mockup Bundle to market your new website with confidence


  • A custom 60-minute video all about your new website, so even if you’re a beginner, you’ll become a legit WordPress whiz in no time
  • Complementary email support for 30 days after your website

You’ll be able to show off your new brand & website in a matter of weeks*

YOUR INVESTMENT: $4200 or 3 payments of 1400

*If you’re the founder or marketing director of an SME, we’ll figure out a structured timeline that works with the flow of your office. If you need extra time to get approval or have meetings with your team in order to give feedback and signoffs, we’ll work to make it happen.
Drop us a line, and let’s get the conversation started.