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"I believe that hiding in the shadows with a brand and website that looks and sounds like all the rest is a recipe for yawns & sad puppy eyes."
It’s not time to blend in with the crowd. When you work with me, we won’t be just designing a brand or making a website.

We’ll be creating something that shines a light on those unique, strange and wonderful things that make you, YOU.

THAT’s the secret sauce that will fuel your business and draw people to your brand. 

I’m so happy you are here!
My name is Christine, founder here in Pittsburgh, PA. I’ve been designing brands and custom-made WordPress websites for over 10 years from my cozy in-house studio and now a real office.

Let’s face it — there’s a lot of people out there who make pretty brands and build things on the internet. How’s a busy business owner, CEO or multidisciplinary expert to choose when the stakes are so high in their career?

Here’s my advice: The way you know if a designer or web developer is the right one for you, is if they embrace (and celebrate) “your kind of weird”. 

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I am proud to be a woman with strong Christian values and follow my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who guides me and this business.

My Faith


Our family is owned by 2 super silly bulldogs that keep us laughing and on our toes.

THe Pups


Sundays have always been my favorite. There is nothing like the smell of spaghetti sauce filling a happy home.

Italian Food


As a mother of 6 amazing kids, my home is never quiet. Every day is filled with a new adventure.



When I was a young girl, the time spent at my Nana's house produced my fondest childhood memories. She was so much fun to be around. I remember just loving to watch her in the kitchen, as she would turn up the radio and dance while cooking huge Italian meals.
Nana was a strong woman, someone that I had always looked up to. When I close my eyes and recall those times, I can picture her house. It was a grande Victorian in the heart of downtown ( a small downtown which made it even cooler ) Her address was on Main Street.
I remember the day- I must have been about 5 years old, that I looked up at her and proclaimed that "One day, I would live on Main Street too" It was one of those dreams.
Fast forward about 40 years. We were living in Key West and had been hearing from family about my Dad's decline in health so we made the family decision to move to Pennsylvania to care for he and my mom.
OK, you are moving a girl from Paradise to Steel City- the trade off was.. The house BETTER be NICE.
Long story short, I found the house of my dreams. It was a grande Victorian that was completely restored and it was located on - you guessed it- Main Street! It was out of the family budget but I am way too stubborn to let that stop me, so I declared. I Will Do It.
That was the very moment that my hobby of designing graphics and websites became a REAL business. It was now, up to me. It was the pivotal moment that a leap of faith was what I needed - I took it- and am still running a successful business.
And that is the Story of how Main Street came to be.


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