When you start your own company, the last thing you want is for someone to get hurt and not be prepared for it. Not only that, but you could get yourself into some serious legal trouble. It’s important to keep people at your business safe. Any business must follow a certain standard of safety measures that they must adhere to before opening its doors to the public. These measures that must be taken are not only the common observation of obstacles on the floor or the misplacement of hazardous materials but also your first aid kit. The following list includes three of the most needed items in a company’s first aid kit.

The Basics

The American National Standard states that each business must contain a basic collection of first aid materials. Certain first aid and medical standards are required for worker’s comp. Standard here is dependent on the type of work conditions as well as the size of the business. Therefore, each business must choose a kit that they deem adequate for the type of workplace condition. Basic items that should be included within a first aid kit are gauze pads, band-aids, a wound cleaning agent, scissors, latex gloves, tweezers, and instructions on how to reach the proper emergency responders.

A Step Above

You may believe that having a first aid kit is enough to protect your employees and customers, but when it comes to emergencies, it is also best to go a step above. One of the ways this could be accomplished is to collect every employee’s preferred emergency contact number. This will allow first responders to have communication with relatives in which they can provide them with the medical history of the injured party. Other things that may be added are resuscitation equipment. This is a little more expensive, but it can literally save a life.

Customize for Children

If you work at a business involving children, like a daycare, you’re going to need to c. Kids hurt themselves all the time! So you’ll definitely want to be properly prepared for that. Children will often need a scaled-down version of your basic first aid items. A good example of this can be seen when a child, such as a toddler receives a small cut. Unlike adults who may require a band-aid or other more heavy-duty pads, a child’s cut might only require adhesive tape to stop any small bleeding or infection of the wound. Other items to keep in mind for children are vomit bags. Often, parents will need to drive their children back home alone, and vomit bags are a great way to keep them from vomiting on your business’ floors or their parents’ vehicle. Even if your business doesn’t work directly with children, it’s always good to have a few child-sized items on hand in your first aid kit just in case. 
Building your company’s first aid kit may sound like a daunting experience; after all, you are including items that could save a life. However, simply using your common sense and proper research of past incidents you’ll definitely be able to customize the proper kit to make it perfect for your business.

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