Google offers a large multitude of tools that can help your business in many ways. The great news is that many of these products are free. Even the ones that you have to pay for have a proven track record of delivering for businesses. Here is a guide to some of the Google tools that are out there that can help your business prosper.

Google AdWords

This is Google’s paid advertising platform, a way to get in front of potential customers. Google has adapted the platform to make it more conducive for small businesses. Google even offers advertising strategies for your use. On AdWords, you advertise while bidding on keywords. You can set your budget ahead of time and make your decisions based on that. When you pair an effective AdWords campaign with a well-designed landing page, you can bring new customers to your business. Through the Conversion Tracking tool, you can even see how successful your ad campaign has been.

Google Local Services

Local Services ads are different from anything else Google offers. Google Local Services has a pay-per-lead nature that makes it suitable for small businesses and contractors just starting out. This tool will tailor your advertising to reach customers in your area. Your ad will appear at the top of the search results. Google Local Services is aimed at certain industries to show customers several trusted businesses in the field when they do a search. Google breaks this service down into regions and industries so that it can appropriately customize the advertising for consumers.

Google Marketing Platform

This is a newer tool that has recently been introduced by Google. It is an aggregation of other Google tools designed to put marketing programs in front of you, all in one place. There is even an Integration Center so you can see how the various products fit together. This means that you can streamline the products that you use and better share information across all Google products. This suite includes all of the old products that were associated with the DoubleClick brand.

Google Search Console

Any business with a website needs to know how to tailor its content to ensure that it shows up in web searches. Google Search Console will give you information about your website performance and tracking. This way, you can see what works and what does not. You can track how visitors discover your website. You can also see what pages on your website have been viewed the most and whether any of your pages are experiencing any issues. Using this Google Search Console can help your website stand out and rise in Google’s search ranks. You can also use it to submit your web pages to Google so your site can be crawled. This tool allows you to see your own website the way that internet surfers see it, leading you to make your content more search engine friendly.

Google Analytics

Here is another method for your web traffic analysis. This tool costs absolutely nothing to use and will give you helpful reports on your visitors. Then, you can use this data to make changes to your approach in order to generate even more traffic. Since Google is the most extensive internet suite out there, it follows that the information with which it can provide you will have more utility to your business than anything else. When you work in Google Analytics, you can easily import data from other sources for the maximum possible effectiveness. For a cost, Analytics 360 offers even more detailed reports and statistics.  


Google’s video service, YouTube, allows you to make presentations that can explain at length what your business does and how it can help your customers. You can post videos on YouTube for no charge, which serves as a free means of publicity for your product. If your video is creative and contains great content, viewers will flock to your profile. When you use YouTube, it is best to provide interactive content that invites your users to act. The comment sections for your videos allow you to have a conversation with your customers who react to your video. This is an opportunity for your business to “show its personality” to customers and communicate in ways that it cannot do in a plain advertisement.

When you learn how to effectively use all of the tools that Google has to offer, it can boost your business in a variety of ways. All of these tools can work together to help benefit your company. Take some time to learn how these tools operate to figure out which ones work best for your business.

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