With all of the hustle and bustle, and yes- excitement of having a business, I slowly began to felt sort of lost. For some reason, a piece of me felt missing. OK, I love to post about design and business but I still needed a place to be more well, ME.
See, my life is a book. A pretty interesting one at that. Yes, I may be a designer but my life is not always a perfect design. Much of it is truly a beautiful mess. In order to grow, I feel a need to shed some of that thick “designer” skin and have a spot where we can meet and talk about real life shit. Not all froo froo business type stuff but things that we all can relate to.
I needed a place to feel free to be who I am.
Part of my growth and a majority of my life is based on my recovery. Yep. Recovery from drugs, alcohol, and a life of late nights as a dancer. I used to look at these things as failures but now, I see the accomplishment that I have made. I broke free. I became more.
I am a mom (a pretty damned good one too) a wife of a wonderful man who saved my life, a girl with a heart, and of course now a designer. I had in it me all along, I just doubted myself too much to see it.
It may be a wild ride but I hope that someone out there can be helped with my stories.

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