In a world where we wear social media profiles as masks, it’s important to know how to put this false persona away in favor of the real you.

The Person, not The Business

Entrepreneur or employee, people will connect you to a business. You, however, must always remember that you are not that business. You are a person doing the work to bring home money so that you can enjoy this life.

Clear the Clutter

Learn to let go. Things happen and not all events are good. Accept that they happened, learn from them if you can and move on. Cars don’t go very far when they’re loaded down with too much weight.

Life Isn’t Fair

Life has never been fair and life will never be fair, but that’s okay. You are the master of your own destiny. So long as you’re willing to accept that some things just aren’t fair while working your hardest to take advantage of the things you can change, you’ll be capable of so much more than you could have ever imagined.

Don’t Play Head Games

What happens in your mind is a result of habitual thinking patterns. If you constantly get caught up in worrying or stress, you’re spending too much time on imaginings that don’t exist. Teach yourself to let these go and to live in the present. Life is much more enjoyable that way.

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