Everyone is searching for a way in marketing to make sales more personable. Frankly, fake smiles and smarmy stereotypes of friendship are absolutely not going to cut it in the modern world. There has to be a better and more genuine way, while also creating good sales. What are the benefits to using a conversational approach to marketing your products?

Learn About Your Customers

Conversational marketing intends to utilize interpersonal communication to give you better information about what your customers need and want. This isn’t a new tool, of course. You can imagine a shopkeeper greeting a customer and asking what they can do to help them. If they didn’t have it, they’d find it or order it! The same is true in marketing, today, only utilizing AIs. Varying tools are used, including chatbots, button based bots, and even messaging apps to make more personal connections with customers and determine what they need before they are sent to customer service.

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Make Better First Impressions

You’ve probably seen what an impact conversational marketing can make when used in conjunction with social media. Having an excellent conversationalist in charge of replies to customers as your brand representative makes a huge difference in how your brand is perceived. You want to be able to have customers know they are being heard, and have someone taking care of the front line of problems who has a great and conciliatory tone. Your brand image will form customers’ first impressions of your business.

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Chat It Up

One of the most amazing things about AI Chatbots is how they can be programmed to respond in logical, intuitive ways, which can help your business regardless of time constraints. For example, one way to use chatbots in conversational marketing is to have your bot programmed to help customers by taking messages or calendaring your events. They can offer free media options, help with FAQ’s, or funnel more complex problems directly to email or to human representatives, weeding out the “easy question” problem that faces the time and talent of many customer service individuals.

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The more your business is perceived as being personalized and geared towards the needs of individual customers, the better. You want to be perceived as responsive and working at all times for those who need you. This is one marketing form which helps you cut out the middleman and boost customer satisfaction!

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