Every industry has its own language that only those that have dealt with it understand. In music, there are gigs and spaces while pre-ops and post-ops are made for hospitals. Branding is no different. Leaning more toward the artistic industry, there are a few terms you should be familiar with in order to better get across your ideas.


Like it implies, your voice is how you sound whether you’re speaking or writing. It is your personality embodied in communication. For a brand, it’s your personality but in a logo or image. To describe this, think of adjectives you would use to describe people, such as spunky, serious or sappy.


Your brand is not your logo. Your brand is how your audience sees you. It is public opinion, no more no less. It’s the umbrella term than encompasses everything that makes up you, your company and its image.


When you think of brand collateral, think of letterheads, business cards and welcome pages. Think of all of the tangible materials that are spread about in person or online. These are important parts of any business as they keep your brand fresh in the minds of those you interact with long after the initial interaction is over.


Strategy is when you give purpose to everything you create or have created. Smart business people don’t simply make something. They only invest the time if creating that thing will fit into their strategy of achieving a specific goal.

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