When you are trying to come up with new video topics, one way to do it is to find out what is already popular on your own website. What pages get the most views? What pages get the most interaction? What blog posts get the most questions and “likes”? This information is important because any time you have some topics that are popular already on your website, they will also end up popular as a video.
* Install Google Analytics – You will need to have analytics on your blog in order to know which blog posts are getting the most traction. You can use Google Analytics to figure out what your website visitors go to first, which page they entered on, how long they stuck around, whether they read something else.
* Understand What a Hot Page is – A hot page is the page that gets the most views on your blog. In addition to views, find blogs that get the most comments, likes and shares. Read the comments to find out what people want to know, as this is a good way to determine what video to make.
* Make a List – Using a spreadsheet or other method, make a list of the hot blog posts, with links, notations on visitors, likes, discussion notes and so forth. Use this as your starting point for coming up with video ideas.
* Create a Video Creation Calendar – From the list, create a publication calendar that makes sense with your current and future promotion ideas. You don’t want to make videos without knowing what your goals are (more sales, more newsletter sign-ups, etc…).
* Repurpose Blog Posts – If you have a popular blog post, turn it into a video. Your script is practically written. You need to determine how you’ll show it visually, and how you might either cut it down to a smaller and shorter point or expand it so you can go more in-depth about the topic.
* Start with a How to Post – If you have any “how to” blog posts, start there. They are super easy to transform into videos; you can even make an explainer video with a how to post that will blow your viewers out of the water.
* Fill in the Gaps – If you notice you have some hot pages, read through the posts. If you find gaps in a post even if it was popular, make a video that fills in the gaps, and then link to the video under that blog post.
* Make Them Special – Consider doing more than “talking head” videos. Talking head videos are great because people like seeing your face (or any face) as it develops trust. However, you should also add in visuals such as charts, and images that advance your message.
When you go with what is already popular, you’ll start off on the right foot when it comes to making videos. More than likely the people who liked the blogs you already made are going to like the videos you make, using the blogs as your starting point.

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