What does Sunday Sauce have to do with brand consistency? 
I am sort of drifting off topic of business on this one. However, it showed me something really valuable in my own marketing and I think it makes sense.
Everybody and their mother knows (I think so anyway) that Italian families eat spaghetti on Sunday. It is just what we do. It is a chance for the family to gather and of course, the mama to show off her mad skills. It is a big thing for me.
Lately, my husband has said that he wanted something else on Sunday so I agreed with him and we had other meals. It completely throws me off! It is a habit, tradition, and all of those things. I mean, we went from pasta to chili this weekend so I snuck some extra garlic in there. It’s just not the same. It doesn’t feel like Sunday without the “gravy” cooking on the stove. The house is not full of the scents of spices and tomatoes. I will be using my woman powers to rectify this, though. (muwhahaha)
Now, I sat and reflected all of this in my business too. I never thought that a simple theme or color change would impact my community on my blog and social media but it makes total sense now.
People don’t have a ton of time these days to wonder what it is that we want them to do with/for us. Something as simple as changing orders on your navigation bar can make a huge impact. I went through my site and thought like a visitor.

If I were visiting a website and remembered that the page that I wanted to go back to was located say under “contact” I would go there and if it was not in that spot, I would assume that it was gone and bounced.
If the colors and general feel of the site were totally different, I may think that I was at the wrong place and bounce.
Wow, all of these things that I am bad about made me feel pretty silly and aware of these things. Inconsistency in marketing is bad bad bad and I am now more aware of how much it affects my business.
It is sort of funny. I teach branding and was not being consistent in my own biz. I have the other values. I am persistent and have a total lust for success but without the consistency, it won’t work.
Today, I went through it all and made sure that everything was “on brand” and was easy to work with. Now, I need to throw away the passwords so that I leave it alone. 🙂
I guess that hubby not wanting spaghetti on Sunday was a good thing, in a way, to show me all of this.
So, I am adding an entire module into the Brand Like a Boss course about consistency in a brand because I don’t want you to not have your traditional Sunday dinner, or lose any web visitors or followers.
So- Do you have a cool family traditional meal? Comment below. 

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