Going to B2B events is a great opportunity to generate leads for your business. There are many types of events, such as seminars, workshops, webinars, teleseminars, conferences, tradeshows and even executive briefings. For many of these types of events, you’ll need to take a portfolio with you so that you can impress the other attendees.
You can add these things to both a physical and an online portfolio. Put the URL of the portfolio on your business card, plus make a few copies of your portfolio to hand out to prospects who come to your event table.

* Examples of Content – Any demonstration that you can write well is an important addition to your portfolio. Adding a few examples of your best work will help the attendees see what you can do.
* Your Book – If you’ve published a book, you should bring plenty of signed copies of the book to give away and to sell if allowed.
* Show Unique Work Examples – Any project you’ve worked on that demonstrates outside of the box thinking, plus how you solved problems, is a good project to include in your portfolio.
* Include Your Education – If you have relevant education, courses, or certifications, include a copy of the certificates in your portfolio. This shows a commitment to your work.
* Define What You Do – Ensure that anything you put in your portfolio demonstrates exactly what you do for your target audience who will be at the B2B event. Leave out anything that is not directly relevant.
* Prove What You Can Do – Find relevant samples that prove the best of what you can do for your audience. If you design websites, show the best websites, especially websites that are relevant to the audience at the B2B event.
* Awards – If you’ve received any awards, put copies of those into your portfolio. This shows that your work has been recognized by others and makes people trust you more.
* Press Mentions – If there are good press mentions including published press releases that you can include, do so. These show that you not only know what you’re doing but other people think you do, too.
* Include a Resume or CV – Many freelancers balk at including a resume or a CV, but the fact is people want to know your history. This will help develop trust.
* Testimonials – If you have some great testimonials, include them in your portfolio because word of mouth is powerful. Even if the person doesn’t know the testimonial giver directly, it can make a huge difference if they can at least verify the person.
Including these things in your portfolio is a good start to helping you make any B2B event productive for you. The idea is to sell yourself to the right audience so before you start, choose who your sub-audience is from those who will attend the B2B event.

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