Have you ever really looked around at people who are extremely successful? I did, recently and was astounded by the fact that most highly successful people in the media are very giving philanthropists. You see it all of the time. Heck, I cry like a baby when they give out huge gifts! Look at Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and George Clooney to name a few. ?What is it inside of them that causes them to be so generous? Some people are genuinely miserable if they are not active in helping others. Giving to some feels much better than receiving. I myself, have always believed that if you do not give, there is no room in your arms to hold more. So, my dream is to be able to one day GIVE that way. Sound odd?
One reason that made me want to write about this is because I love to do fundraisers. In fact, I mainly use my direct sales business for the art of giving. ? Trust me, it is not because I am made out of money and ?do not need it. I feel however, that in life, being kind and charitable will bring true success. Does that make me a philanthropist?
Not sure about that but it does satisfy a need in my heart.
I am not saying that it is totally necessary to give your money away to be successful but what I am saying is that you will NEVER be successful if you are not doing what you love to do. That is what is important. Find something that makes your heart sing! If it is making money for that new car, new house, paying off debts, work for that purpose. Your dream is your driving force. The bigger the dream, the bigger your efforts will become.
Your task for today is to really dig into your heart and find that dream. Watch your business flourish! <3

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