Building a website is one of the most important marketing materials you’ll ever create for your business. You can use the website to demonstrate your skills, announce your sales, and communicate with and educate your audience. Today, a website is an essential element in getting the word out about a business. Here are eight website builders that work and that anyone can use.
1. – This website builder is simple to use for an e-commerce site or a regular website. It has many wonderful features, from a catalog to a shopping cart. There are limitations to it but if you’re just starting out and need a site up fast without hiring someone, this builder really does work.
2. – Drag and drop functionality allows you to build powerful, beautiful, and attractive websites easily. This builder is very good for anyone who wants to have a lot of images to show on their website, such as photographers. They are displayed beautifully and aren’t hard to build either.
3. – This is actually a WordPress-based builder using drag and drop functionality. It looks great and works great too. That’s why so many people choose to use it. Don’t use the free version, though; always upgrade to the paid version for the best looking websites as well as the most attractive websites to your audience.
4. – This visually attractive, mobile responsive builder is very powerful and flexible for many of your website building needs. The only drawback really is whether or not you are patient enough to figure out how to create websites that are as awesome as their samples. The templates are designed for artists, designers, and people who care more about visuals than the back end in terms of search engine optimization.
5. – Self-hosted WordPress is by far one of the most popular website building software that you can get. For a good reason too: it’s free, and it’s easy to understand and use. You can find a lot of people to help you in terms of contractors, and the fact is, it works very well and you can create very complex websites with it as long as you find the right plugins and themes. WP is the best builder when it comes to SEO.
6. – Many people realize that this is really a blog builder, but if you upgrade to the paid version you can make quite a detailed website that does everything you need it to do without having to worry too much about the inner workings of the technology. It’s more limited than the .org version but it’s a lot easier for a novice to use, too.
7. SBI! – This is a website builder that seeks to have all-in-one functionality so that you don’t have to know much about technology. You can learn more through their website, which can tell you everything you need to know about the software as well as the entire program that comes with the software that will help you build your online business from scratch.
8. – This builder is truly for someone who has no idea how to build a site or what to do. It will lead you through step-by-step screens that tell you exactly what to do to build your website. It helps you with all types of websites. The functionality isn’t as high as some of the others, but it does work well for a brochure-type website.
Having a website that you’re proud of promoting and that gets the job done of telling others about your business, is an important part of running a business today. These builders can help you.

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