I had always heard that when you find that special thing, that purpose that you are put on this earth for, your heart will know and it will sing like never before. I never really believed it though. Until now.
You see, I just could not figure out what in the heck I was supposed to be doing. No matter what crazy idea I came up with, it just didn’t feel right. I thought well, maybe, it is the color scheme on my blog, the theme, or what have you but all along, it was my message to you.
For the longest time, my message has been confusing and totally unclear to me and of course to you, as well. I had to really figure this out and it feels so much better to know what it is. The past few days have been so strange. Everywhere that I looked, there was a sign on where I was supposed to be. Facebook posts about finding your purpose, Tweets, emails, people asking me questions about positive thinking, it became really clear that I needed to share my story and how I became whole again.
I am taking a course in copy-writing and one of our assignments was to go over our “about me” page. What a wreck! That thing was all over the stinkin’ place. I looked at all of the different things that I was offering and trying to do. Talk about a chicken with her head cut off! Bock-Bock. lol.
Sure, I can teach you social media, how to build a blog, brand yourself but none of that even matters if you do not love yourself first. Then, you have to make sure that you are IN LOVE with what you do. Like, totally cannot wait until the next morning to start working kind of in love. Can you just imagine how much better your business will be when you really, really are IN LOVE with it?
So, that is what I am shifting toward. A way to show you how to clear your negative thoughts and replace them with positive and then move on to how it will help your business.
So, you may be thinking about how this affects you and the blog, Facebook, etc etc..
I have felt a shift for quite some time now. It was only very recently that a light-bulb?flipped on in my stubborn little head. At that very moment, I knew that I had a specific purpose to serve you.
I’ll share this with you. My life was not always as amazing as it is now. I have dealt with a lot of bad sh*^ (abuse, drugs, a terrible career choice, loss, money problems) but I can honestly say that I am grateful for every one of my bad times. They changed me into who I am today and I can truly say that I love this person. To me, it would be a terrible disservice to others to not share what has helped me in order to help others.
I have the most amazing family that stuck with me through it all and I?thank the good Lord above every single day for them. My husband has been my rock through all of this because we saved each other and that is another story, my friend.
Not many people know this but I am gonna get it out there because it is important.
I was a prisoner of over twelve years of depression and anxiety that was masked by prescription medications that only made it all worse. I finally found a Dr that agreed with me, that it was not a mental health issue, it was physical which was great but now, I was an addict! When I decided that enough was enough, it was pretty damned scary. I did it though because I found a way inside of my self to alter those feelings into positive ones. So, when I hear about the Laws of Attraction and positive thinking, I can totally relate. That is what got me through this thing called recovery.
The more I look around, the more I see my friends and fellow marketers dealing with depression and anxiety. I feel that it is my duty to help others achieve freedom from it, like I have. Now, I am definitely not a Dr or a therapist but I can sure share what has worked for me.
[bctt tweet=”I feel in my heart that if I can just help one person get through another day and see that there is a happy life to live, I will know that I answered my calling.” via=”no”]
I am currently writing a book about all of this. Man! It has been a hard one to put onto paper, but it’s getting there. I will be so glad to share it when it is finished.
So, now what? What direction will this little biz take now?

  • I am putting together a few things that will help you understand the LOA (Laws of Attraction)and how it relates to business.
  • I will be starting a coaching program
  • publishing an eBook with a corresponding workbook
  • I will continue to teach about branding *because I love it! But bottom line-you have got to love yourself and what you do first or none of the other fancy crap matters.
  • You will see some changes on the website to make it a lot less?marketer and more friend..

This will be quite an adjustment for us but I am very content knowing that I can now be myself with you and help you with not just your business, but maybe your life too. I look forward to our journey together.
I would love to hear how you found your calling or purpose. Please, feel free to comment or contact me.

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