Creating  your own visual content for your marketing is something that really gets your brand “out there”.  It makes your content instantly recognizable and well, much more personal. You can do it. Anyone really can.
be creative
You don’t have to make things perfect. Just make them yours.
Many artists actually thrive on imperfection. I mean, take a look at some art. Do you see all totally perfectly aligned images or fonts? No, of course not.
They create with their own style. Making graphics for your online business is very similar. It should represent you as a person. Definitely NOT anyone else.
Now that we know that imperfection is OK and cool, do you feel a bit better?
If you are completely afraid to start dabbling in graphics, start small. Practice just typing your name in different fonts in a program like Picmonkey or Canva, heck- even Paint will do.
The more that you mess with it, you will begin to see a certain style emerge. Baby, this is the birth of your brand. Don’t be afraid to try out new fonts that you are not sure about either. I honestly have a slight font addiction because I tried some that I was not too sure about but each name looks different in certain fonts.
I am not sure about you but for me, having some music playing helps me to get creative. Turn up some tunes and relax. Let it flow. Forget about rules, color schemes, what everyone else is doing and just roll with it. Don’t criticize yourself if what you make doesn’t look like so and so’s. This is not about them. This is all you.
Keep practicing and you will be really happy with what you begin to see. When you look at it, congratulate yourself for your new accomplishment. More than likely, you will begin to see a real style start to show up. You’ll end up with favorite fonts, colors, and alignment styles and they will just get better and better.
Not everyone is a Picasso but everyone has the ability to let their own style shine.
Tell me: do you make your own graphics? What are some tools that you love to use? (comment below)

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