Your workspace can make a huge difference in how your company is run. A good, productive, clean business environment means happier and more efficient employees. Here are some ways you can go about cultivating the kind of workspace that you and your company need.

Design the Physical Environment

Space is very important to keep in mind. How much space is really necessary for the job at hand? How much will make a difference to employees? At what point is extra space negligible? Remember, even if very little space is technically required, it’s a good idea to try and provide enough for people to be comfortable. Even though a cubicle is all that is needed to work on a computer, nobody wants to work for hours in a claustrophobic box with a ceiling and walls directly around them. Keep color and light in mind to optimize an open feeling of comfort, peace, and cleanliness.

Eliminate Clutter

No office starts out cluttered – but a lot of them get to that point very fast. With employees constantly moving, delivering projects, having meetings, and more, you’re going to have clutter accumulate quickly. Cleaning crews can’t even take care of clutter since they don’t want to accidentally throw away or misplace something important. You need a good, employee-enforced system that will help people to stay accountable for their own mess. One example of this is the 6S system. 6S helps arrange your workspace so unnecessary clutter is put away. With the proper steps of the program (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain, and safety) you won’t have to worry about clutter whatsoever.

Healthy Company Culture

It’s to overstate how important company culture is to productivity. You may instinctively lean towards motivating people with competition and pressure – and while some businesses can incorporate these in order to make a healthy balance, it can be easy to stress your employees out. Stressed employees mean unhappy workers who don’t want to be at work. The ideal alternative is a company culture of peace. If employees feel listened to and safe, they will work far more efficiently. They will be more excited about the work that they get done.

Every business is distinct. Depending on the commercial property, the product you sell, the culture you create, and many more factors, your methods for making a more productive workspace will be different. Just remember that long-term productivity is much more valuable than a short-term boost in numbers.

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