Launching a new business is an exciting venture that provides you with more freedom and flexibility in your everyday life. When you are ready to expand, identifying the perfect new hire for your company can feel overwhelming, especially when you have multiple qualified applicants interested in your available positions. Knowing how to identify the perfect new hire is one way to ensure your business venture is off to a great start.

Skills and Experience

The first step in the hiring process is to seek out applicants who are qualified to fill the role you have available. Compare skills and experience with individual applicants who are interested in a position you have open. Inquire about the past experience of your applicants and ask about their specific skill sets. According to Glassdoor, body language can tell a lot about a person’s soft skills as well as a knowledge of how to problem solve and their awareness of major issues around them in the world and in their community. Body language will show off a person’s interpersonal skills as well as give them away if they are lying when answering your questions. If the position you have open requires skills and certifications, ensure the applicants you are interviewing qualify.

Personality and Work Style

According to Berke Assessment, pre-employment testing helps you quickly identify top candidates and makes your screening process more efficient. Take into account the applicant’s personality and work style to determine which individual meshes best with your current workplace culture and future plans. Not all individuals work the same as some prefer working in group settings while others, alone or remotely. Are you flexible with your scheduling? Do you offer the option to work remotely at times or even full-time? Will your employees have privacy or will they work in a team setting? Do you offer perks like telecommuting or pets in the workplace?  Is it important for your applicants to work a specific way? Always ensure the applicant who is applying for a position is comfortable with the workplace setting you plan to provide.
It is also important to get along with your employees and coworkers, which is why comparing personality types helps to build a workplace that is cohesive and productive. If you are looking to build a welcoming, warm, and relaxed environment, seek out applicants who enjoy conversation and team-building exercises. Look for personality traits such as being personable, humorous, and kind before making your final hiring decisions. If you have an office of people who keep to themselves but are very productive with tasks, be sure your new hire is comfortable in this environment, too.

Motivation and Reasoning

Ask why your applicants want to work for you and what they hope to contribute to the workplace and your business. A motivated applicant is likely to share their excitement for your business and the type of products or services you offer. When an applicant is motivated and excited, it is much easier to gauge whether or not they are the right fit for the job. Forbes says that you can use a candidate’s work history, outside interests, failures, and off-the-record references to determine a person’s motivation. If an applicant is unable or unwilling to provide reasons they are interested in the position, it is likely they are not the best choice. Understanding the career goals of a potential employee can also give you an idea of whether they view your job as a permanent position or a temporary stepping stone.
When you have confidence in your hiring abilities, move forward with the process of seeking out the very best applicants for your business. With the right employees, it’s easier to build a business that is productive, meaningful, and ultimately successful.

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