Human capital is a term that is used to describe the skills, knowledge, and experience of a person or group of people, and therefore the value offered to an organization. In the case of a business, it refers to what the employees bring to the table. Of course, like financial capital, human capital can be nurtured and experience growth. That requires careful management on the part of a business though, so what can you do to make things go more smoothly?

Hire Experts

If you want to promote growth within your human capital, who better to bring in than experts in the areas in which you are seeking growth? If, for example, you wanted to help your sales team improve their conversion rate, you might hold a seminar or training in which you bring in people who are experts in the most successful sales methods to train your team. Do yourself a favor and don’t just hire any old experts though. Look carefully and find those who will help steer your employees towards practices that will realize your vision.

Use Software

Not everything in regards to human capital management needs to be done by actual humans. In some instances, using software can go a long way towards smoothing out human capital management. In order for you to effectively manage your human capital, you need to keep your employees happy. Making payroll mistakes is one of the quickest ways to upset your employees, and as such, must be avoided. Software that handles your payroll can help prevent errors. That way you’ll be less likely to find yourself needing to fill holes in your human capital left by disgruntled former employees.

Communicate With Your Employees

Communication is huge when it comes to working with your employees. If you want to effectively manage your business’s human capital, communication is not optional. For one thing, you need a way to assess current skills, knowledge, and experience. For another, you need to get an understanding of where weaknesses in those areas are. From there, you and your employees can develop strategies to help the employee grow. This proves to the employee that you care about their growth and grows your human capital simultaneously. It’s a win all around.

It behooves any business to find ways to grow their human capital. In the case of a business, the whole can only be as great as its parts. If you want to be a great business, you need to find ways to improve your human capital. As with most things in life, growth is rarely a comfortable experience. Still, if you manage it properly, it’s something that can go smoothly and relatively painlessly.

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