When you own a business, you have to keep track of many things to remain successful in your market. When you have so many other things to think about, paying taxes can be a hassle. In addition to just being another thing to worry about, taxes also reduce the amount of income you get. Reducing the amount of taxes you pay in your business helps you take advantage of what you earned. 

Open a Retirement Plan

One way to reduce the amount of taxes you need to pay is by opening a retirement plan. You won’t be taxed on amounts you contribute to IRA, 401(k), and comparable plans. In addition to not having to pay higher taxes when you have a retirement plan, it is also very beneficial for your future to have a great retirement plan. 

The money that you invest now in a retirement plan is money that you will be able to use during later years when you don’t have a steady income from working.

Choose an Ideal Legal Structure

There are several legal structures for businesses that each have different benefits. What works for one business might not be best for another business. One of the legal structures you can choose from is called an S-corp. With an S-corp you only pay FICA taxes on your salary. 

Keep Accurate Records

You have probably heard that you can write off certain charges for your business because they are “tax deductible.” While this is an accurate statement, you need to have substantial records to prove the legitimacy of these charges. Therefore, you should always strive to have complete, clear records for your business of all business-related transactions and expenses. Make sure to have records of all receipts and transactions in a secure place. You might even consider keeping multiple records in case one gets lost or compromised in some way. Additionally, keep your records in chronological order or some other meaningful order to stay organized.

You shouldn’t have to pay any more taxes than is absolutely necessary. There is nothing unethical or wrong about trying to reduce the amount of taxes you have to pay. As long as you are using legitimate means to reduce your taxes, you will not run into any trouble with the IRS. Learning how to work with your taxes instead of mindlessly paying much more than you need to will save you a lot of money. 

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