You are a rockstar!
You bust your butt on your business and are finally starting to see results. Clients are coming in and things are totally looking up. You do your thing, do some happy dances and celebrate. Yea, because you really deserve to.
One day, you try to pry yourself out of bed and well, it just ain’t happening. Oh shiz. You are sick as a dog. Now what?
OK, I learned from this just yesterday when I woke up with a raging, throbbing toothache.
Will the world fall apart? No, but I thought about this and decided to post some things that can help you (and me) prepare for the oh, so dreaded entrepreneurial sick day.
Just like all companies, we should also think in advance on something like this because we all know it happens. Right? So, let’s discuss some ways that we can plan in advance for having to duck and cover for a day or two:
1) Have an email auto-reply ready to go. In most email services, you can set up an “out of the office” reply that when the day comes that you feel like crap, you can easily flip the switch.
2) Meal plan in advance- if I had been doing this, life would have been a lot easier. We ended up with take out.
3) Let your Clients Know- my current clients knew that I was feeling yucky and were cool about it and appreciated that I let them know rather than hiding out.
4)Be ready and willing to delegate. Ask a buddy or a family member to give you a hand. It’s OK, let go..
5) Have a plan- Why not pre-write an email to anyone who might have an appointment with you when a sick day comes along so that you can quickly send it off to reschedule?
The tricky part is, turning the outside world off and truly resting and recuperating so that you can quickly get back to what you do best.
I am sure that you have some other amazing ideas to help prepare for having to take a day off as well, let’s hear ’em. Comment below.

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  1. Jessica Freeman says:

    I’ve been sick 85% of the time of the last three weeks… I was able to work 1-2 hours most days, but there were a few days where I just couldn’t do anything. A few times I considered putting on an email responder, but never actually did it. It all timed out perfectly that I had already actually planned to “take it easy” these few weeks (for a different reason), so not a ton of emails or projects 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    These are great tips! It’s so important to always be prepared for the worst.

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