A business succeeds or fails on the basis of its sales team. They are the ones generating revenue. They’re also on the front line with customers to help determine the effectiveness of a company’s product and marketing strategies. When revenues slow down, it could be that a product is a “dud.” It could also be that the sales forces have become ineffective. Are these danger signs on display at your company?

Inconsistent Workload

The adage “always be selling” rings true for any sales force. It is a good indication of how effective that sales team is operating. There should be a consistent workload for the sales force. If they aren’t managing current customers, then they should be actively pursuing leads for new customers. Long stretches of downtime are an indication that the sales force doesn’t have a lot of work to do. In other words, they’re not selling. That is not sustainable.

Not Meeting Quota

One of the best times to buy a car is at the end of the month. That is when many car salespeople scramble to make their monthly quota. Unfortunately, this rush to generate a burst of sales can actually cause a bottleneck effect that can create a ripple of problems with inventory and financing. Could it be that your sales quotas are unrealistic? Do they have to shift with the time of year and track along with economic conditions? According to Solofire, the proper use of technology in the proper places can help improve your sales team, particularly if they’re floundering and failing to meet quotas.

A Lack of Referrals

The best promotion that a company can hope for is a positive word of mouth. Money Crashers says a satisfied customer should send more business your way either through their online reviews or with direct referrals. When those referrals stop generating, then there is an issue with customer satisfaction that isn’t being addressed. That is the responsibility of your sales force. They need to know when a customer is unhappy and then take effective measures to turn them around. If a customer complaint reaches upper management before it is handled, then there is a huge gap in the sales force.
When these red flags pop up in your sales force it is time to address the issues head-on. That might mean making changes. Loyalty to a salesperson only goes so far. They need to deliver on a consistent basis. Without that, the business flounders and nobody wants that to happen.

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