Managing Social Media – Your Daily Action Plan

Managing Social Media – Your Daily Action Plan
You may know exactly what you need to do to get the best results from social media, but actually managing multiple social media profiles is a challenge that requires quite a bit of organization. You can take control of all your social media tasks by creating a daily and weekly action plan.
Your daily plan is for outlining the tasks that need to be done each and every day. The weekly plan is for those activities that you need to make sure are accomplished each week, whether they’re spread out or done all in one day. You can also use the weekly plan to determine what needs to be done on specific weeks during the month.
Use the following tips to help you fill out your daily and weekly action plans.
How Many Sites Can You Handle?
For best results, many experts will tell you to sign up for every social media site you can. When a new site like Pinterest comes along, you should be the first of your friends to sign up. The only trouble is that each social media site requires your presence daily if you want to see results. Keep this in mind as you sign up for any new platforms. You may even want to tentatively sign up on a new site as a trial period, and only start devoting serious time if that social network takes off.
Daily Posts
When it comes to posting and updating your status on social media, consistency is key. The more you post, the more your customers and potential customers see you. When you update regularly, they come to expect it and they look out for you.
Decide how often you’d like to post and work it into your daily schedule. Again, keep in mind that it’s the consistency that matters, not how many updates you make. In fact, updating too frequently can lose you followers on some platforms. While a network like Twitter requires frequent updates so that you’re seen in the stream of posts, LinkedIn users might find all those updates annoying.
Replying to Your People
Replying to comments and questions from your customers should be your number one priority. Never drop out of a conversation. Stay engaged with your audience and keep the interaction going. When you don’t reply to people, it looks strange or even rude. The last thing you want to do is disappear or offend someone because they think you’re ignoring them.
Gathering Followers
Once you have a steady fan base, you’ll need a strategy for continually getting new followers. Work some type of daily actions into your schedule that help you do this. Set a goal for how many new followers you want to get per day or week. These efforts don’t have to be done on social media. For example, they may be links to your social profiles on your website or offline promotions that lead people to your social media profile.
Analyzing Your Results
Monitoring of your social profiles should be done regularly. This means not only checking your statistics to see if you’re reaching your goals, but also setting alerts so that you can see what people are saying about you. If negative comments appear, they need to be dealt with as soon as possible.
Moving Forward
Social media isn’t something you set on autopilot and forget about. It takes daily maintenance to keep things going. You also have to be on the lookout for new strategies, features, apps, and methods of engaging your audience. Your social media presence has to grow and expand, just as your business grows. Avoid relying on the same methods day in and day out. Instead, always look for new ways to use your social media profiles.
Be Flexible
Set a detailed schedule and stick to it closely, but don’t be afraid to change course if your efforts aren’t getting you results. Monitoring your social media efforts will tell you when you need to make changes. Don’t get too attached to your routine.
Your Social Media Goals
Start by sitting down with a pen and paper and listing your social media goals. What do you want your presence there to do for your business? Make these goals as specific as possible, and make different goals for different networks. Include dates and figures. Let this list guide all of your social media decisions.
Next Steps:
1. Use the worksheet and notes from the course to create your plans.
2. List your goals for using social media for your business.
3. List the social networks you will focus on most.
4. Make a list of the lists or groups you have set up, and/or others to create.
5. Use a calendar or other scheduling system to schedule the times you will check in each day.
6. For each day, write down the types of activities you need to do on each network for that day.
7. For each week in the month, write down the activities that you need to make sure are accomplished
8. Schedule time for finding content to share with your network of followers on each platform.
Tell me in comments, how you handle all of your social awesomeness.

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