So, how did ya do? I am so happy for the second year in a row. I actually took action early and was finished doing the main part of my shopping before the month of December began.
Oh, trust me, it was not always so smooth. I used to procrastinate until the very last minute. This is not the best of ideas when you have children with specific items on their wish lists. How many times have you gone to purchase that cool toy just a little too late and end up hopping from store to store to find it? Oh, man! That was always terrible for me. They usually did end up with the item but it was sure a ton of work. There were, of course, a few times that it just did not work out and Santa was unable to pull through. Something as simple as shopping is what made me see that putting off what we can do today is never a good answer.
I do try to keep Christmas based on giving more than receiving with my kids but being that I am a giving fanatic, I would totally stress out and this caused me to actually resent the Holiday. Last year, was the first year that I could sit back and enjoy the Christmas Season without the stress. I was not dreading the tree, the decorating, or the simple things. It also helped to know that I helped the family and financed Christmas these past two years from the income that I made in my home business. I had as many days off as I wanted too.
What did this teach me? Well, when I sat down and thought about the feeling of stress versus the ability to enjoy, it hit me. Woman, stop procrastinating! I am now remembering this in all aspects of my life.
Are you a procrastinator? Send me a note so we can work on this together.
So, to end this post, I wish your all a very Merry Christmas!
“Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well”.  Mark Twain

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