Website Strategy Intensive


This is for the business owner who already has an existing website and is longing for change. No need to start over, let’s strategize to maximize what is already there. Together, we will review your current site and discuss improvements and implement them on the call.


  • 1 Hour Zoom strategy session
  • Implementation of improvements together
  • Recording of session
  • Suggestions of systems that will enhance your time and business
  • 30 days limited email support


Wouldn’t it be cool to have a designer comb through your website and social media, give you an audit and then- show you how to make your online presence better?

Let’s get to work on beautifying your online world in a way that is actionable and makes sense.

So, you have it all figured out. You have a cool logo, a color palette, and a website but it either looks eh, so-so or quite frankly.. it sucks.
You know it but you are just not sure how to get your visuals out of UglyVille and you really can’t afford to shell out the dough for a designer just yet.
Trust me, you are sooo not alone.
Many amazing entrepreneurs like you have come to me for quick advice and being quite the little perfectionist, I gladly help.
Why? Because you have an important message that the world needs and it deserves to look important.

Some things are pretty easy to take from blah to ah with just a few tweaks.Many times, it is simple things like adjusting the tones in a color scheme, spacing out text properly and I have been known to help out with a little copywriting.
I want to show you how to quickly and easily implement some ch-ch-ch- changes that will not only help your brand be more visually appealing but just may actually start making you the cash that you want.

Imagine knowing what you can change to make your brand better and how to do it. It’s like having a personal designer and coach for a full 2 weeks.

This is no one-size fits all deal. This is 1-on-1 tailored to your needs for your individual business with the help of a marketing graduate and designer. (who is a bit funny too if I must say so myself) 

Here’s How:

  • get on the books
  • fill out a quick form that tells me your troubles and where I can see them
  • I go through your stuff and capture my “critique” on a fun video
  • We hook up on Zoom or phone and I hold your hand and walk you through HOW you can make important changes (yes, there will be some guided DIY action going on)
  • We remain design BFFs for 30 days while you gain the confidence to do some creative things on your own that you never imagined that you could.

Pretty cool, right?

I cannot wait to release your inner creative so that you can shine online.

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