Realizing that the business world is not the same as it once was, I have gotten very interested and quite involved in social media. I have only lightly touched on the subject. There is so much to learn. I decided to take a course in social media marketing. I will share as I go and will be able to offer help at some point.

I started my direct sales business, knowing that I would not really enjoy throwing home parties. Seems odd, a home party plan minus the home party. I have been quite successful so far with doing fundraisers. This knowledge will assist the animal rescues as well as enable me to actually earn some money for my own family.

The internet is vast and truly still in baby stages. Knowing about it is nearly paramount to success these days. You can almost set your business on autopilot and actually enjoy your time. I intend to learn more about that one. The last few days have been an adventure in self branding. Branding is so interesting and makes so much sense and I will touch on that subject more first, as I learn more about it. 

I hope that as I learn, I can help others. 

If you have tips, they are welcome. 


See you tomorrow. 


Come and see what I have done to my Facebook page, so far! Critics welcome!


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