Texting for Work? Why It’s Not As Crazy As It Might Sound

Most companies discourage employees from using their phone to text during business hours. However, texting isn’t always a bad thing. It has become a very popular form of communication for people of all ages, and it can actually help get more work done throughout the day when it’s used for business purposes. Let’s take a closer look at why texting for work might not be as crazy of an idea as it might sound.

Rapid Response to Customers

The customer service department of a business is typically very busy and fast-paced by necessity. There are a lot of incoming calls that need to be addressed in a timely manner in order to keep people happy. When a customer service representative is only communicating using a telephone, they can only take care of one customer at a time. When you include texting among your business’ methods of communications, they can serve more than one person at a time. Response times are much faster as well since generally, with texting, there is no hold time. You also reduce the number of frustrated customers since they avoid having to wait on long hold times to communicate with customer service.

It’s Actually Customer Preference

People are starting to text far more than they are using traditional telephone calls. This is not just millennials we’re talking about. Research shows that 50% of customers prefer texting businesses over email or phone communication. It just seems to be something that people are far more comfortable with. Giving customers what they want will help boost customer satisfaction rates. You could end up losing business if you’re going to force consumers to pick up the phone and call you when they don’t’ want to. They might end up contacting one of your competitors who makes it easier to communicate via text. 

Keeping Up with Your Competitors

There are a number of businesses that are utilizing text messages for their customers. The more this becomes popular, the more you might feel the need to incorporate this into your own business practices. This allows you to compete just like you would in other ways, like marketing, advertising, changing services, promotions, and more. If you’re noticing a lot of people in your market are providing the option to text, look into ways that you can change your communication plan to compete. 

More Likely to Make Connections

People are more likely to respond to a text message than they are to make a phone call. This is sometimes due to the comfort level of making a phone call. There are busy parents who simply can’t get time away from their children to take a call in a quiet environment. There are people who are sitting at a desk all day and aren’t allowed to take calls. There are even ways that you can use voice-directed texting when you’re driving. You’ll have a hands-free option that allows you to communicate when you’re busy. Texting is simpler and more convenient in many situations. If you’re trying to connect with a client, you are more likely to do so with the ability to text.

Mobile Use

The majority of clients and customers use the mobile version of your website. It’s important that you utilize other mobile options, like texting, if this is the primary form of communicating with the public. A full website with traditional phone information is something you’ll want to provide for people who aren’t privy to texting, but make sure that you have the modern option available as well.

Click to Text

Most mobile sites, search engines and social media pages have an option that allows people to simply click on a link and it will call your direct number for them. Providing an option to click and text your business is another great idea. It provides an exceptionally easy method of communication.


Texting gives you the flexibility to respond to someone when it is a more convenient time. As a business, you can set specific hours when texts will be answered. You can even advertise this on your website or social media pages. The customer or client can decide when they want to text you as well. There isn’t any need to wait around for a phone call or anything of that sort. 
Texting has become an important part of our everyday lives. It’s a good idea to work texting into the process of how your business is being run daily. Changing with the times is essential for all aspects of business. Think about how you can incorporate and utilize texting to your benefit. While it might be a distraction to let your employees text their friends and family throughout the day, it may be worth it to look into company phones that will allow texting to be part of the business day. It’s a very affordable and convenient option.

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