Now more than ever, people are choosing remote work over in-person, and many businesses are offering either option or a hybrid of both. If you’ve never had to work from home, you may find it surprising how many people prefer it to the office. But wouldn’t it get distracting? Or even isolating? If you aren’t sure what benefits there are to be had, consider the following list of reasons many people now love to work remotely.

No Commute

One of the single most beneficial aspects of working from home is the extra time you get. Even if the office is just fifteen minutes away, the time it takes to get ready, assemble all you’ll need for the day, get in the car, and drive there—not to mention arrive a little early—will at least double the actual minutes of driving it takes to commute to work. And then you have to drive back as well, more than once if you go home for lunch! The extra time you gain from cutting out commute can be used in so many helpful ways. Getting a bit more sleep, for example, or eating a healthier breakfast. You can also go on a morning walk or exercise, and devote the extra evening time to an enriching hobby.

More Flexibility

Without the rigid structure of working around superiors, doing your work from home often lends flexibility to your day. Employers are not peering over your shoulder and are more likely to set general deadlines that are up to you to meet. While this does mean you’ll need to develop good time management skills, it also means that you can work around other events and situations happening in your life as long as deadlines are met and the full amount of hours are put in. You can use your most productive times of day, regardless of when they are, and in effect deliver better results.

Access to Your Kitchen

Though not often thought about, being near your kitchen is a huge advantage when it comes to work. The time it takes to make a packaged lunch beforehand can be stressful and expensive, and even make you late at times. And otherwise, the cost of buying your lunch a couple times a week or more will negatively impact your wallet! Either way, being home and able to use your lunch break to make a meal instead is the better option. It can even be healthier if you plan your lunches well and use fresh ingredients. The only thing to look out for is the amount of snacking at your fingertips!

Working Outside

A common side effect of working 9 to 5 jobs is a lack of vitamin D. The benefits of sunlight and fresh air have been proven over the ages, so if you have a deficiency of outdoor time working from home may be the perfect solution. Because remote work can happen wherever you are, working outside near an internet connection gives you vitamin D and healthy stimuli while still getting all that work done! A deck is the perfect place to relax and enjoy fresh air as you work, and in good weather can replace an office the entire day if you so desire. When you do get up for lunch, a bathroom break, or other needed things, you’ll also get in more steps from the outdoors to the inside.

No Dress Code

What else can remote work offer you? Another aspect of its freedom is the ability to wear whatever you want. Some days people don’t feel like getting out of their pajamas—and that’s entirely an option if you’ll just be on a couch all day anyway. Even if you do dress for the day, working from home involves little of the same restrictions an office does concerning shirts, pants, shoes, and patterns. Really the only time you may still need to watch what you wear will be during video conferences. Even then, only your top half can be seen!

Less Sickness

With all the flus and diseases out there, not to mention the pandemic, people have gone remote often to avoid getting sick themselves. Statistically, one of the locations you are most likely to contract a sickness is from your place of work, which often has few sanitation guidelines and many communal items that collect germs. Yikes! Erasing this location from your everyday visits significantly lowers your chances of contracting something yourself.

Noise Control

When you’re working at an office, there’s a limited amount of control you have over the noise you hear. Some employers have specific regulations regarding when and if earbuds can be used, and there are many times that employees in the vicinity can get loud and distracting. If you can work from home, there’s so much more freedom in what you hear. Music can be played at any time, over headphones or good speakers you can play as loudly as you’d like. The sounds of nature can surround you if you go outside. Absolute silence is even an option, if no one else is at your home. Considering noise is a big distraction for most people, you’ll have a lot more of a chance to focus!

Improved Work Life Balance

Last of all, remote work gives people the chance to better balance their work life and home life. With added flexibility and less commute, you can focus on other priorities that improve your overall life, not just pay the bills. For people with family, there’s much less stress to pick up the kids from school. The same goes for attending an event, or making it to an evening class promptly. You can do work in the car or between obligations while out and about, and not have to worry about needed medical appointments you need to take work off for otherwise. Really, your life feels more your own when working from home.

Not convinced yet? Working from home is also a great idea for those who struggle with mental illness, physical illness, or are just very introverted. So, while remote work is not for everyone, it is a good idea for many people. Is one of those people you?

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