Do you know what software your audience uses? Do you know what internet browser they use? Do you know what they do online, offline, and how much technology they have in their home? All of this is important information today for digital marketing. If you know how well your audience understands digital technology, you can promote differently to them.
* What Devices Do They Use? – Do they use tablets, phones, PCs? Or all of them? How long do they use them each day? If you can understand their habits, you’ll be able to market to them better using that same digital technology.
* How Do They Feel about Technology? – Does your audience like technology, or are they afraid of it or suspicious of it? Some people use it but don’t like it. Is there a way you can help educate that audience to understand more and trust you more?
* Do They Have Smartphones? – Most people who have smartphones understand technology a little more, but the proliferation of them so fast has resulted in some people having them even though they are afraid of them. Ask your audience questions that help them understand.
* What Social Media Do They Use? – Which social networks do they use? Are they early adopters who like to try the newest thing right away, or are they reluctant to get on new social media? When audience members are fearful or confused by social media, it’s up to you to educate them and reassure them.
* Understand Your Story Better – When you understand where your audience is with their digital intelligence, you can frame your story better using the information that you have gleaned from them. When you tell your story, it should be from your audience’s viewpoint and not your own. It’s always all about them, not you.
* What Questions Do They Ask Most Often? – When you want your audience to do anything technical such as download information, answer a survey, and so forth, what questions do they ask when they are confused? Use those questions to educate them and to learn how to approach them.
* What Do They Share Most Often? – When you look at your audience’s profiles on social media, what do they share most often? When you look at the things you share, what do they like and share most often?
* What Hashtags Does Your Audience Use? – Are your audience members adopting your hashtag ideas? Are they using someone else’s hashtag ideas? Do they know what hashtags are? This information helps you know how savvy your audience is.
Getting to know your audience’s digital intelligence can go far in helping you develop a more effective marketing program. The more you can know your audience, the better, and that counts in all aspects of your audience’s intelligence.

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