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You certainly do not have to know everything in your niche to start positioning yourself as an expert in your niche, but it’s wise to heed the advice given to most teachers. This advice is
that you need to always keep one step ahead of your students. Can you imagine what your “students” would begin to think if you never advanced in your field and they began to pass
you up in the knowledge of your niche? You’d begin to lose their trust and respect as an expert.
To become an expert that your market can consistently look up to and trust, you’ll need to continually be learning about your niche. People desire to hear about the latest resources,
trends and techniques on topics that they’re interested about.
Here’s a few tips on continual learning for your niche:
Learn an advanced skill. You don’t have to learn every single trick of the trade, but knowing an advanced skill in some area can really set yourself apart as an expert almost instantly.
So, take time to invest in learning a skill that you can share with your readers. They’ll be eager to learn from you.
Do research.
Researching for fresh articles and news about your niche will help you stay alert and aware of the positives and negatives that are happening in your niche. Your readers will
appreciate your passion for your niche and that you’re offering them trusted information.

Keep up to date.
This might be done by taking courses yourself from other experts in your niche that are more advanced than you are. It’s important to keep up with the latest trends so
that you can help your readers do the same.
Practice what you preach.
It’s easy to get caught up in learning all the latest techniques so that you can share them with your readers, but then fail to apply them yourself. When you put into practice the things that you’re learning, you’ll gain experience.
Gain experience.
This part is in continuance with the previous tip of practicing what you preach. When you gain experience, you also gain real life examples, statistics, tried and tested methods to share with your readers. Nothing can create a stronger foundation in claiming yourself as an expert, than having your own experience to share with what works and what doesn’t.
Learn to build relationships.
After exercising all of the above tips on learning and applying what you’ve learned, you’ll easily become the “go to” source in your niche. But, to accomplish this successfully, you’ll also have to put yourself out there and become available to the public. You need let others know who you are and create real relationships with people. When people see how much you care to help them, they’ll be willing to listen to you and let you teach them about your niche.

So, in comments tell us- what are you an expert in?

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