A business runs most effectively and efficiently when all members contribute. As a business manager, you can’t and shouldn’t try to do it all. Once you’ve hired qualified employees and built a good team, you should learn to rely on them to work independently.

Less Micromanaging

When you trust your team to work independently, you’ll have to do less micromanaging, which means freeing up more time for you to focus on the bigger issues and long-term goals of the company. While you’ll still be needed to supervise your team, you shouldn’t be involved in day-to-day decisions.

To avoid micromanaging, make sure you have a solid team structure and clear procedures in place. When your employees understand their responsibilities and your expectations, they can better work toward meeting performance goals. Delegate authority to key employees, but also establish an open-door policy for questions and concerns.

Keep the Business Running Smoothly

When your team works well independently, your business will operate more smoothly. Employees should be empowered to make decisions relevant to their assigned tasks. They should also be encouraged to collaborate and solve problems independently, without your constant supervision.

Independence is also critical if you plan to sell the business and pursue other ventures. Potential buyers will find a smoothly-operating business attractive. A well-functioning team will continue to produce consistent, quality work even when a change of ownership occurs.

Stay Innovative

Innovation can flourish when your employees take ownership of their roles and realize their contributions to the business. A wise manager understands the link between self-management and innovation. When you trust your team members to manage their time and encourage them to make suggestions, everyone benefits.

Great ideas often come from people who are most familiar with processes and have grappled with obstacles in achieving their purpose. When employees can work without the threat of management quashing their suggestions, they can come up with improvements that can be implemented throughout the company. You can stay innovative by fostering a climate of valuing independent thinking among your team.

A well-managed team consists of individual workers who are given the chance to manage their own responsibilities. As you consider the long-range goals of your business, work to create an internal team structure that functions independently. The less time you spend on the details, the more time you can dedicate to the ultimate success of your business.

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