tips to improve your sales copyI admit it, I am no copywriter. It has taken me a long time to even get comfortable about writing. I was so afraid to tick someone off that I wrote like Mrs. Roboto. Recently though, I started to loosen up and it sure makes things much easier and really pretty darned fun too.
Here are some tips that I have picked up about writing that dreaded sales copy. It’s not as bad as ya think:
There are tons of reasons why your sales copy isn’t converting, but by gradually making improvements in different areas of your copy, you’ll be able to get the most out of it in the long run. Your sales copy is what drives your success and profits so it’s just good sense to put some real effort into making it as good as it can possibly be. This article will show you what steps you can take to improve the performance of your copy.
Put Some Humor In There: Have you ever read sales copy that reads and feels quite a bit like a dry corporate sales pitch that is infused with too much unnecessary jargon. Your aim with the sales copy is to deliver information about your product and close in the sale, but at the same time it’s important that you make the whole experience fun.
The delivery method you choose with your sales pitch absolutely matters. Remember, you don’t want readers to see your sales copy as more of an instruction manual or a dry essay; it’s okay to put some life into it and make jokes where applicable. This makes it easier for your sales prospects to like your copy and feel like they have a connection with you.
Adding an undertone of humor will take a piece of stale copy and turn it into some lighter feeling informative content that will make it easier for your prospect to understand.
Be a Friend: Do you compose copy that sounds more like it has been copied from a sales pitch you’ve seen on television? It is important to make sure that your prospects feel comfortable so that you can get rid of any hesitation that comes from reading an offer that feels commercial.
Be friendly to your prospects and offer them some good advice instead of shoving your offer down their throats. This will allow you to be more reachable and showcase you as a sharing individual that cares.
Fear of Loss: “Fear of Loss” is a technique used by direct marketers to help get more sales in a shorter time period.
By making the prospects have the fear of loss, you’ll get your prospects to put a ‘self imposed’ deadline on their behavior, which will automatically get them to buy from you quickly. Nobody wants to miss out on a great offer or deal so adding a sense of urgency to your copy can help you seem even more irresistible to potential buyers and clients. That’s it! Copywriting tips that help you make the best sense and get the results you want so put these tips to use today.
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OK, so tell me: What tips can you add to help others write killer sales copy?

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