4 Most Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Their Website

When building a business website, there’s a tendency to rush the process. After all, the business is under deadlines, and there’s a time-crunch to get everything online and operational. If it’s an e-commerce store, the faster you build and configure the website, the quicker the first sales can come through, and the business can start driving revenue. However, this often leads to mistakes. Here are the four most common mistakes businesses make with their website.

Neglecting Content Marketing

Your blog is your best way to reach your audience and connect with your prospects. It gives you an opportunity to share good content that can be valuable and beneficial to their buyer’s journey. Use your blog as a content marketing strategy and share articles, videos, infographics and other valuable information/resources. Google has found that listings that feature photos receive 42% more requests for driving directions from Google Maps and 35% more clicks through to a business website. This goes to show you that media-rich content is what performs the best. This will help you build a following and an authentic base for your business.

Neglecting Keyword Research

When you write content for your website, you need to know what keywords are most important to that content. This is how you drive traffic from search engines. If you don’t do keyword research, you’re mostly hoping that your audience will be able to find you without and proper strategy or plan behind your content. Instead, use a free keyword guide to find target keywords that you can easily rank for in search engines. Write original content that provides value and use those keywords heavily in your writing.

Using the Wrong Content Management System

WordPress is the most popular content management system, and there’s a good reason why. WordPress provides thousands of free themes and plugins that can easily be installed and used within minutes. In comparison to CMS’ like Joomla or Drupal, WordPress is far superior. It’s recommended that you choose a proven and reliable platform like WordPress for your website. There are many drag n’ drop page building plugins like Elementor, which can make the design process a lot easier for you. They have templates that you can install on a page at the click of a button, then you customize the content, and you’re done. Building a blog or site is a lot easier with a quality CMS.

Trying to Do Everything by Yourself

Building a website isn’t a DIY journey for most businesses. Unless your business is just a side hustle or a hobby of yours that doesn’t need to generate revenue immediately, thinking you can do it all yourself would be a mistake. Instead, hire help where needed so that you can get more done without stretching yourself too thin. For instance, you might want to consider hiring a writer to help out with your copywriting or your blog, a designer for your logo and content marketing graphics, and a PPC specialist to help you optimize your ads and landing pages. There’s a lot that goes into a properly made website, and while the DIY approach might save you money upfront, it isn’t the answer to running a profitable business long-term. The only DIY approach you can take that concerns your website is claiming your Google business page, and starting to collect reviews that will help driving your sales, help interact with customers, and market your business.
There you have it. These are the four most common mistakes that businesses make with their website. Pay attention and don’t follow in the footsteps of previous companies. Make fewer errors and run your website like a professional.



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