For many years, I thought that just soap and water were enough to take care of my skin. I figured with the right makeup, I could just hide it all.. ⠀
Then 40 rolled around, then 40 something came in with a vengeance. Those years of not taking the extra few seconds to apply moisture to my skin were taking a toll. The fine lines started and I thought that it was just too late. That I now had to walk passed mirrors with a side-eye or use filters on all of my photos to hide the signs of aging.
Here is what I’m currently loving.
Countertime Rejuvenating Collection.– this is their anti-aging line. I use it every morning and evening and love my extra Me time. It is so hydrating but not greasy or sticky at all. Love it and am able to see the difference in my fine lines and dryness.

No2 Plumping Collection– this gives me the extra boost of hydration that I am needing to replenish, after years of neglecting my skin. So luxurious!
Flawless in Five– As entrepreneurs, we are usually short on time. This is my secret. I can do a full face of beautifully natural looking makeup in yep- under 5 minutes!

You know me, I refuse to share things unless and until I personally trust and believe in what I am using and I just can’t hold it back any longer.
I am so happy with how my face and neck look and feel. No more filters. I love and respect all of my friends that have sent me samples and have spoken to me about the products that they use and believe in but each face is different. <3 ⠀

I am shouting out to the world that BeautyCounter is what has swept me off of my feet. I’ll keep you posted on how my complexion changes too.
You can visit my personal BeautyCounter site to check it out. If I can help you in any way or if you have questions, send me a note.

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