4 Unexpected Industries Where Women-Owned Businesses are Flourishing

Women can do anything. Gone are the days when women were expected to stay home, work for men or even own “female-oriented” businesses. Today more than ever, women are emerging as entrepreneurs in a variety of industries, including some of the following.


Accounting was once a male-dominated field because many were reluctant to trust women with their finances. In the past, women were even considered less adept at math than men. However, that is no longer the case. Women are actually just as good at math; on top of this they also have an attention to detail that makes them the perfect accountants. Plenty of female entrepreneurs are starting their own accounting firms and surpassing their male counterparts.
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Moving Companies

Helping someone to move used to be considered a man’s job. Lifting heavy boxes and furniture was out of the domain of women. However, some women in the moving industry can provide a great experience for their clients. Women can provide insight into packing items in an efficient way and make sure that fragile items are packed safely and securely. Women with a gift for organization can also strategize the best ways to pack and unload so that the move is as seamless as possible.
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Construction Companies

The construction industry is another industry that was traditionally dominated by men. It has often been thought that men should do the dirty work, because women are too delicate for something like building a home. However, many women are entering the field and operating their own businesses. They also have an interest in home design and have a keen eye for what buyers will want. Channels like HGTV have made house-flipping popular and present many role models of strong women in this field.
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Health Care

Traditionally, health care has been run by men. The healthcare industry has employed many women but in lower-ranking jobs such as nursing and office administration. Today, more and more women are leading health care offices. Women are becoming doctors, and veterinarians and are founding and running their own offices.
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If you are thinking of opening your own business, do not limit yourself on the possibilities. There is no rule that says some industries are only for men. If you have a particular interest or passion and the motivation to make a business thrive, you can be successful in any industry you choose.

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