Getting that long-sought job promotion may seem like a dream come true. But, then comes the reality of filling the role to fulfill not only your career goals but also the expectations of those in your organization. Being in charge is not that difficult when you break down your job into manageable segments. By addressing one piece at a time, you can master all the necessary components to being the boss, like a boss. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

Dress the Part

More than ever, this is the time to make sure you care for yourself. Get plenty of rest, eat nutritiously, and remember to exercise to manage stress. As a professional, you need to take care of your appearance, which could mean updating your wardrobe or taking extra time to do any makeup or skin care routines in the morning. If you’re a little bit older, there’s also considering how to style and take care of your hair to keep up with. To take the part of someone in charge, you have to look the part. Hair, cosmetics, and jewelry should look professional. Choose business-style clothing that gives you a professional image but not necessarily a domineering look. Assuming the look of someone who is confident will help infuse you with that sense of capability that can help you do a great job.

Find a Mentor

You can also seek out trustworthy colleagues to ask their opinion on certain aspects of your job. Look for those who have been with the company a long time and have experience with the people who have held your position in the past. Over lunch or at breaktime, they can advise you on the dos and don’ts of your role in the organization, at least in terms of what has worked before. You can also look for a mentor or confidante at another organization through the local chamber of commerce or a business-civic group. There are probably members who hold positions like yours at other companies who would be happy to share insights or shortcuts and offer tips to success.

Ask Questions

Don’t expect to know everything all at once. It takes time to get acquainted with a new position, and you will likely learn things in stages. During the process of moving through a learning curve, be confident in what you bring to the position and the company so that you can comfortably ask questions and seek guidance if needed. Wise colleagues will appreciate that you’ve taken the time to learn how to do things the right way rather than making a mistake that could be costly.

Embrace Technology

Technology is ever-changing, so do your best to keep up with it. Schedule new training as needed. Keep equipment and software updated within the areas of the company under your purview. Provide training for employees that you supervise. Consider updating the company or department website as well as possibly publishing a blog for employees or for the public to help them better appreciate the organization.

Communicate Clearly

Never expect anyone to anticipate your needs or read your mind. Circulate policies, messages, announcements, and other forms of communication in written form, digitally or in print, for ready access. Use simple but effective diction and writing style, explaining any jargon or technical terms. Maintain a positive attitude even when negotiating problems or conflicts. Keep a written record of important transactions or verbal exchanges, including committees, meetings, and appointments. Your people are your most important resource, so make sure they feel comfortable talking to you. This can be as minor as concerns or confusion about a new process or as major as reporting injuries sustained on the job, but all of it is important.

Outsource Relevant Tasks

Stepping into a leadership position, you may feel uncertain about some of the work that needs to be handled. Alternately, your new work schedule may be so full that you don’t have time to manage everything on your plate. Make a list of the tasks that can be outsourced to a virtual assistant, such as scheduling meetings or ordering supplies. Record-keeping, transcribing meeting minutes, and training work can often be outsourced to agencies that specialize in that kind of work, saving your time for more intensive job demands. You can also find help with marketing and branding needs with freelancers and marketing agencies.

Hire Effective Managers

Recruit, hire, and train qualified managers who you can trust to oversee various aspects of the business. These should be individuals you can trust and who are willing to take direction from you. Be willing to answer questions and learn from new employees who may bring skills from previous jobs.
Becoming a boss lets you step into a leadership role and use your experience, education, and skills to help the organization run efficiently. When you keep in mind the above recommendations, you will be able to do your job with confidence and instill trust and respect in your colleagues and customers. Be the best you can be, but also let others help as needed.

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