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Trouble in Paradise
You see me online a lot and I am always pretty bubbly. You see me posting positive and inspirational quotes and also helping others in any way that I can. Perhaps, this may explain a bit more as to my WHY. Many of you are my friends but you don’t really know who I am. ?Being that believe in honest and transparency, I decided to lift the curtains and tell you a little more.
I have come to a point in my life that I am happy. Let me tell ya, it was not always so bright and sunshiny in my life. Like many, I have definitely had some ups and downs. ?This past year or so has helped my personal growth in so many ways. So, here goes.
Let me tell you a little story:
I had a great childhood. My Mom was incredibly supportive and kind, still is. Parents divorced, nothing ?surprising. My step-dad chose to raise my older brother and I which I am eternally grateful for. The man is an incredible example of what a Dad really is. That part is pretty normal. No issues to really go into there.
Let’s bump up to my late teens, shall we? at the age of 17, I decided (well, sort of) to go live with my Father in Hawaii. Great, right? It started out that way. I immediately felt resentment of me from his new wife and decided to give her a real run for her money. Yep, I became a punk. I skipped school, stayed out all night, lied, stole, you name it. I am sure that my Father’s heart still breaks over this. Mine does.
Since I was now on my own, work was needed. I worked from 9 AM- 12PM at a yogurt shop, 2PM -6 PM at a gift store in a hotel and at night, I was a pseudo cocktail waitress. ?I did OK but man, was I tired!
I met a boy. I thought that he was nice enough. Wrong. After several weeks of dating him it went wrong, way wrong. I became his property. I could not look at anyone or talk to anyone else. If I did, I was beaten. One day, I saw a guy that I knew from my high school in Florida. Wow! What a coincidence and I was very excited to see him so I bid him a casual hello. As he walked away from this lovely boyfriend and I, I was then dragged into an alley and beaten, called names then told to quit crying and to walk and look pretty. I was 17! My parents back in Florida had no idea what was happening and I was trapped. I was told that if I were to try to break it off with him, he would hunt me down. I went to my Father and got no support as I had ruined my chances with him. His response to me was that I must have done something to trigger this guy.This totally shocked and disappointed me. This was a Capone, I was speaking to.
I finally alerted my parents and was able to pack up and go back home. Great. Relief overcame me. That changed when l I reached the airport in Florida and saw this monster coming down the escalator. Out of fear, I begged my parents to allow him to stay with us and thought that under my Dad’s supervision, it would all change. It did for the most part until one day when I walked to the grocery store with him. It began again because my parents could not see. Thankfully, a passer by told my Dad and he was there in seconds. He had already alerted the police of the problem and he came and rescued me. I was safe in the home again. The police looked for him for days and we were informed that this guy was wanted for multiple charges and was captured and extradited back to Honolulu.
Am I bitter? ?No. ?Hardened, maybe a bit. ?But, indeed much smarter as a woman and a Mother. ?He is still behind bars. Plus, now I have a healed heart.
This is just the beginning. I want to share this part of my life and will be adding new chapters regularly.
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