Growing up, as the daughter of a salesman. My Dad, Jim Keeler was a great one. He actually sold vacuum cleaners, door to door and we lived comfortably.

I remember a lot of his sayings about sales and carry them with me today. A couple were “One in a row” and ” You can’t lie to a salesman cause you can’t BS a BSer.” He chuckles now when he hears me use them. I recall being with him on many in home demos.
I sat and absorbed what was taking place. In amazement, at the age of about 12, I remember one day, being in a home with an older couple that did not appear to have a whole lot of money. Driving up to the house, I had made the comment that the house did not look like they could buy a new vacuum.
He turned to me and said to never pre-judge a customer. OK, I thought, sure. The couple watched his demonstration in utter amazement as he did a great one.
The part that was so memorable though, was the way that they were welcoming us into their house. They offered us drinks, and then even dinner! Wow! Why?
Well, the secret that he had in his sales business was that he was very friendly and honest and people could read that about him. We must have spent most of the day there, they were laughing and telling stories about their children and then, finally, the money talk started.
Dad offered them financing options and gave them the cash discount price. You know how that goes. Well, the wife looked at the husband and said “What do you think, dear?” Do you know that this couple paid cash on the spot. Over $1,000 was paid in cash for a vacuum cleaner.
So, I was wrong. They could afford it, even though I thought that they could not. When my Dad asked them what made them make the purchase, they replied that it was because they LIKED him.
I thought about that and of course, I asked Pops about that in the car on our way home.. He explained to me that the majority of his sales were like that and the most important thing to remember to be a success is to be yourself. See, even way before social media was around, relationship building was important.
Years later, I decided to try selling vacuums too. Do you know that I followed his advice and once sold a machine that had now cost $1800 cash to a couple who had not one spec of carpet in their home. They purchased it because they LIKED me. So, carry this with you when you are doing your business. It does not matter if it is high ticket items or a small one.
People want to know you. We all like to have friends. Be one and the rest will follow. <3
PS: Dad has since passed away but I treasure all of the lessons that he taught me.

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