Many of us who are in direct sales, understand that each and every one of us does what we do for good reasons. We are all working on the same goals. Some paying bills, putting kids through school, saving for Holidays, and so many other reasons. I hear many direct sales professionals complain about competition. Well, that just is not the case. The market is not saturated as there is only one YOU. When you do your very best to provide excellent service and build relationships, you are the person that each customer will immediately think of when they are in need of what you are selling. 

How do you ensure this? here are a few tips:

  • Be helpful before, during, and after the ordering process. Answer questions in a timely fashion, walk someone through the website and help them complete their order then follow up as a courtesy with their shipping information when you see it posted. 
  • Follow Up. Always ask your customers if their order arrived safely and if they are happy with their items.
  • Remember them on special occasions. Send greetings on their memorable days (Birthdays, anniversaries, etc) 
  • Include them in your company specials: Having a sale? Be sure to let them know. 
  • Keep in Touch: Think of how great you feel when you reach into the mailbox to find a cute postcard or note from a friend. 
  • Go Above and Beyond: Sometimes, in Scentsy, a customer may be on the hunt for a discontinued scent or warmer, do your very best to locate this for them. This shows that you value both their business and their taste. 
  • SHARE your opportunity! Do you know that everyone wants to be asked if they would like to do what you do? Sometimes, we forget but it is actually hurtful to some if we do not ask. 

These are just a few ways to win their hearts, the rest lies within yourself and your personality. Let it shine! 

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