Applying the Law of Attraction to Your Business

laws of attraction and businessSometimes, people wonder what the Laws of Attraction are and how they work. They call it “woo-woo” and look at it like some kind of weird witchcraft but, no. More than anything, it is simply training your mind to allow yourself to have what it is that you really want and deserve. You don’t need a crystal ball or chant in circles naked. You just need to strengthen your mind to be positive.
So, how can it help your business? Here are some ways:
It is said that the law of attraction has its roots in Buddhism. Others say that it’s about Karma. But it need not be a religion – it can simply be a way of thinking and, ultimately, living.
Basically, the law of attraction says that what you visualize in your mind and with your emotions can become a reality. By believing that you are present in your thoughts and feelings, you are said to “attract” those things you desire by thinking of them and having strong feelings about them. When you tap into the law of attraction, you visualize yourself in the place you want to be.
According to the law, you will attract the necessary things for those wants to manifest in real life. You are said to attract those things on which you focus your energy.
How can this law be applied to your business? Here are some ideas.
What Do You Want?
Determining just what it is that you want is the basic beginning of applying the law of attraction. After all, you can’t visualize your dreams if you don’t know what they are. So, it’s a good idea to begin by being quite specific about what you want from your business.
OK, if you use a vision or dream-board, you have a head start on this one.
Visualization is said to create your personal “vibration.” The law of attraction is said to respond to this vibration. Every day, try envisioning yourself as successful in your business. Try to make the visualizations specific – you receive a phone call; you join with a powerful business partner; you find 100 new clients. Spend time each day with these thoughts in the forefront of your mind.
Imagine that you have already achieved what you want. This is said to heighten your awareness to the opportunities you will begin to attract.
Believe It’s Yours
The law of attraction says you need to accept those things that come your way as a result of your attraction. Like any belief, you need to overcome doubt and trust that you will, in fact, attract what you want. If you want to sell more of your product or service, for instance, believe it can happen. As you visualize, move into trust. Accept that these business goals and achievements are yours.
Another element of believing it’s yours is to cultivate a healthy sense that you deserve these accomplishments and dreams. If you continue to think you’re not worthy, it could affect the vibration you send out, and attract negative attention to your business.
Be Careful of Negative Thoughts
Oh, I have some friends that I help by reminding them of this one. OK, me too. It is so easy to drift into negative thoughts, right?
The law of attraction means you attract those things you focus on – so if you attract negative things, it is due to a negative vibration you sent out. The law of attraction applies to bad things as well, in other words. It is said that you should make sure to keep it positive so that you do not attract business failure or frustration.
What are your thoughts on Laws of Attraction? Has it worked for you? Comment below.
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