finding blog topicsYou’ve been there. Sitting and wondering what in the heck to blog about, knowing that it is high time to get a new post out there for your readers but the more you think, the less ideas come to mind. Yea, me too. It is kind of sucky, right? So, you out it off and get started on other things and a day passes, then another, oop, one more.. It is a vicious pattern and one that you can break free from with just a bit of determination and private eye skills. Come on, you know you read Cosmo and that qualifies you as a PI. JK.
Here are some ways to find some fresh topics that your readers will swoon over:
One of the biggest challenges to bloggers is to consistently come up with topics to write about. Once they have the idea, the writing is the easy part. So, how can you continually have an arsenal of blog topic ideas?
Be Ready
One of the biggest things that helps is to be ready to find and jot down ideas. You may be out shopping or at your kid’s soccer game when a thought comes into your mind. By the time you get home, it’s gone forever.
Keep a notebook handy and jot down any ideas when they strike. Then, when you have one of those “writers block” days, pull out your notebook and you’ll be all set.
Read Other Blogs
Visit other blogs in your niche and see what they’re talking about. Don’t copy them, but just reading what they are discussing could spur some ideas of your own. You can put your own spin on the same topic or come up with a topic that compliments the discussion.
And, speaking of reading…
Visit Your Local Bookstore
Take an hour and go to your local bookstore. Check out what books and magazines are written on topics in your niche. This is bound to spur some ideas for blog posts.
With magazines, notice what articles are being included in the issues. These make great topics for posts. Again, you’re just coming up with ideas, not copying someone else’s information on it.
Visit Forums
Visit forums in your niche and see what the members are talking about. What questions are they asking? What challenges are they talking about? You could write a post, or a series of posts, and answer their questions. Let them know about it and you may gain some new blog readers.
Blog Series
It’s really helpful to write some blog series. Choose some broader topics and cover a sub-topic in each post for a week, two weeks or a month. This helps because then you know what you will be writing about, and your readers will like it because you will covering topics more in depth.
Ask Your Readers
Invite your blog readers to submit questions for you to discuss. Not only will you have content ideas, but your readers will become more engaged as you talk about the topics they are interested in.
Blog topics are all around. The important thing is to be ready for them, by recognizing ideas when they come up, jotting them down, and following through by writing about them.
Your turn: What are some crafty ways that you can think of to find new blog post ideas?

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