Why Get Organized?
If you’ve ever wasted an hour looking for something that you misplaced, then you’re well aware of the pitfalls of not organizing your stuff and failing to put things where they go. Clutter not only hinders progress, but it also adds stress to our daily lives and causes us to use way more “no-no words” than we like. :). Even worse, it can create a feeling of being overwhelmed with current projects that need to be done…so much so, that you may not even take the initiative to get started.
Another question to ponder… Have you ever had a project that you had big intentions of accomplishing, but the next thing you knew, you were chatting on the telephone with a friend or found yourself watching TV for a couple of hours when you only had intentions of watching just a few minutes? Many projects that you could have completed were not accomplished simply because you got side-tracked. Take it from the queen of Side-trackVille..Later, you had twice the amount of work to get done because you still had to accomplish your past project as well as a new one that now needed your attention.
Many people take the initiative to organize their kitchen or their bedroom, but then months later, it’s right back to where they started. The fact is, it takes continual planning and effort to maintain an organized house, but the great benefit of being organized is that time is saved and regular tasks require less time. You now have more free time to spend with your family and extra time for enjoying your favorite hobbies.
In the online business world, the same problems exist. People can’t locate their computer files, they forget their passwords, they get swamped with too many projects and quickly lose focus on what they should do next. In reality – they get overwhelmed with virtual clutter and are daily faced other distractions online.
When social networking sites became popular online, many marketers realized the golden opportunity of using social media for marketing. The downside of social marketing for many online business owners is that it has become a huge distraction from getting their most important business tasks completed. Although the main duties for their online business should perhaps take only three to four hours per day – they find themselves consumed for hours trying to get all their tasks completed. They become slaves to their online business and that just sucks.
For bloggers, it takes some commitment to maintain a blog. You have the duty of continually creating new content, finding new ideas to retain the interests of your readers, answering comments, moderating your blog to avoid spam, marketing your blog to gain traffic, managing your email marketing campaigns and managing the products that you’re selling, etc. The list may go on, depending on the sort of blog you own.
As you can see, the tasks of maintaining a blog can be numerous which makes it crucial to stay organized if you don’t want to be tied down to your blog for hours. Blogging affords many online marketers the opportunity to work little hours and yet generate highly profitable results, but to do so, a blogger must obtain some discipline in managing their blog.
The best way to gain freedom from your blog is two-fold: organize your blogging tasks and eliminate the time wasters.
What are some ways that you keep your stuff organized? (comment below)

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  1. I am a pen and paper person for the most. So I have my planner for personal life and Printables for the blog and business:)

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