So, OK.. while most of this has nothing really to do with business, it does. Does that make any sense?
Life is about taking risks, especially as an entrepreneur so I wanted to share my latest craziness with you.
I have had long hair for years, mostly because hubby like it and I kept it to feel more girly and honestly, to make him happy.
The thing is, deep inside, I felt kind of trapped under all of that hair. It was so much work and either took hours to fix or it ended up in a messy ponytail or a bun 99% of the time.
I kept seeing pictures all over the place of cute pixie cuts and started almost obsessing with it and well..

I finally, told my husband that I wanted to cut my hair. (well, go get it cut) and he said “Honey, I would love you if you were bald and you know that.” So, I ran to the computer to search for a stylist and made an appointment like THAT day.
I got there with my heart set on a short, pixie cut and the stylist talked me out of it and into a bob. I liked it but it wasn’t what my heart really wanted and I settled. I settled to make everyone else happy but forgot myself.
A day went by and I tried to love this bob but umm, it just wasn’t happening. I explained this to the hubster and he took me to the stylist again to get what I wanted. I go there and explained and I could see him in the waiting area, sort of unhappy about it and being a semi-Mr Grumpy pants but clippity clip.. FINALLY. I had what I wanted. Wait. Let me type that again. What I wanted. I was so excited and still am, every time I walk by a mirror. Him? Well, at first he was a little weirdo but last night, he looked at me and said it was sexy. I asked him why and he said because it showed him just how stubborn I am and to him, that was the sexy part.
So, what does this have to do with you and business?
I guess, it is just a reminder that you cannot please everyone. Be stubborn. Hold your ground. You get the gist. Right?
OK, well that is my hair saga for the week. I would love to hear your thoughts.
Have a brave week.

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