Are you branded?
I am sure that you have noticed what “branding” is or looks like. Maybe, you are wondering how these are decided upon. Well, here is a little about personal branding, how it works and how it’s done.
Personal branding is like putting an identity on yourself. It will develop a look and feel to your business and will soon become recognizable upon sight. Take a look at some large companies. Notice the colors, logos, even the choice of font plays a role in how you associate with such companies. Right? This can be possible for even little ole you. How?
First, you will want to sit down and make a list of things that represent yourself.
1) Who are you?
2) What is your purpose?
3) What are some of your passions?
4) Who is your ideal client?
5) Favorite colors (you will see these alot so really think)
6) How would you like your name to look? Do you use a nickname, etc.
7) Do you have a slogan? Try creating something that pertains to you, your business, and even your personality.
All of these are important aspects to begin the development of your personal brand. It can take a while and even numerous attempts to get it just right but so worth it. As you begin to see the way that it projects you, it gets very exciting. The branding process will make you stand out from the crowd in such a way that the customer will begin relating the sight of your branding with your business and most importantly, with YOU.
Try working on this checklist today and see what you come up with and we will expand on the matter later in the week.

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