blogpost1So, you work at home. Is it what you imagined that it would be?
Do you find that you now spend more hours at “work” than you did when you worked outside of the home? Don’t feel bad as it is very common. I myself, have sat in front of the computer, trying that one last thing that may boost my business. I had to make some changes to make everything run more smoothly. A bit of self discipline has helped a great deal.
Here are some tips:
1. Set a Schedule
Time management starts with scheduling. If at all possible,  set actual work hours  in advance, so both you and your family know when you’ll be working. Then, make a list of things  to be accomplished in a day.
An age-old time management technique for work at home moms is setting work schedules around naptime. Working at naptime has its advantages.
2. Use your tools wisely
Tools such as the Internet, computers, email and the phone are what make working from home possible for most of us. But these tools can actually hinder our time management efforts if not used effectively. I like to preschedule my social media posts. I use Hootsuite. I also love to use the Client Angel to manage my customers and schedule Holidays that pertain to them. a Birthday card shows appreciation.
3. Set up a motivating workspace.
Make a spot where it is all YOU. A comfortable work area with all of your biz tools organized totally helps. Inspire yourself by displaying the awards that you have earned.
4. Music
I tend to jam out while I work. Preset your iPod or whatever to play music that motivates you.
What helps you? Share your ideas.

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